Centrifugal Process Pumps

Horizontal Pump AMF


Vertical Pump AVMF


This Pump consist Number of Casing and Number Of Impellers  for High Pressure Application.

Casing :

These Casing ensure smoothness of hydraulic passages resulting in high efficiency and reliability under hazardous conditions. The delivery Flange is Vertical. The Suction Casing / Suction Flange can be oriented  left or right viewed from Driving End.

Impeller :

The Enclosed Impellers of the radial flow type are provided with balancing holes to balance the hydraulic  axial Thrust. The Rotating element are statically and dynamically balanced.


The  high Tensile shaft accurately Machined and and ground is supported by antifriction bearing thate take the residual axial thrust and prevent axial float or radial run out.  The Shaft is Protected by  shaft  sleeve from wear in stuffing box area.

Stuffing Box :

The Stuffing Box can be sealed by gland packing or mechanical seal with minor modification .

While pumping high temperature liquids from 90 deg. to 140 deg..

Bearing :

Standard  ball bearings are used and lubrication is grease.

Capacity : Up to 200 m3/hr.

Head : up to 400 mtrs.


  • Sprinkler Irrigation
  • Fire Fighting
  • Water Supply to High rise Buildings.
  • De scaling
  • Mine Dewatering
  • Boiler Feed.

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