Polypropylene Vertical Centrifugal Process Pump can be used specially where the saving of space is important factor or mechanical seal not required. These pumps are designed for use where the liquid handled to be of highly corrosive nature or where non-adherence of product or zero metallic contamination is must.

All contact parts are made from Polypropylene with PTFE sealing-rings. Provides excellent resistance to corrosive and hazardous chemical liquids like HCL, H2SO4 (30% TO 80%), HNO3 .

Available in conventional or tailor made configuration. also available with Polypropylene mounting plates.

Special Features

  • Bearing free design for handling abrasives solutions.
  • Radial vanes on backside of impeller increase flow of fluids through the sleeve bearing preventing overflow at top of column.
  • Lubrication of bearings by product itself or by fresh water.


  • Filteration
  • Transferring Corrisive Chemicals
  • Slurries
  • Sewage Waste Water Treatment Plant

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