AYUSH Polypropylene Pumps are well designed for Handling of Corrosive Chemicals like Acids, Alkalis Solvents etc., Polypropylene Pumps are widely used in all Chemical Industries. Polypropylene Pumps are used in Chemical Processing, Transferring of Corrosive Chemicals, Loading and Unloading of road tankers, Effluent Treatment Plants, Re-circulation of Chemicals, Filter press in Dyes Industries, Electro Plating, De-scaling, Water Treatment, Scrubbing of Corrosive Gases. Our Wide range of Pumps & Quality of Pumps are reflected by customer appreciation and repeat orders. Polypropylene Pumps have the capacity and capability to accept and execute customer requirements.



The Volute Casing , Impeller and Back plate are of Virgin Polypropylene. Volute Casing in top centre line discharge open type light in weight for optimum performance and wide range of applications. The Bearing frame is manufactured from heavy cast iron and having large oil reservoir . The Shaft is made of Steel En-8 and protected from corrosive chemicals by providing suitable shaft sleeve. Shaft Sleeve, Mechanical Seal & Gland packing provided as per Chemical composition of Liquid or application.


  • Dyes and Chemical Industries.
  • Pharmaceuticals Industries.
  • Effluent Treatment Plant.
  • Food Industries.
  • Petro-Chemical Industries.
  • Fertilizer Industries.
  • Textile Processing Plant
  • Oil and Other Fuels.

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