• Non -clogging, minimized abrasive wear, large impeller clearance and maintenance free.
  • Water proof cabel: Epoxy Potting for self-Contained core sealer.
  • Motor protector: Built in Protectors preventing motors from burnout due to abnormal operation.
  • Anti-Corrosive motor housing : Made of Stainless  steel, high resistance to corrosion.
  • High Efficiency Motor : Specially designed submersible motor with F Class insulation and low temperature rise.
  • High reliability shaft sealing :  Back to back double mechanical seal in the separate oil chamber, Oil seal equuiped at pressure side.
  • Pumps are available in 1450 and 2900 rpm.
  • Up to 200mm Delivery Pipe Size.


  • For dewatering from basement.
  • In pits of RCC during Construction.
  • For removing the water in slope area during rainy season.
  • For handling water containing solids.
  • In swimming pools.
  • Sewage treatment.
  • Hotel and Restaurant.