Casing : 

  • Extra Corrosion Allowance
  • Heavy duty design
  • More Wall Thickness  more.
  • Better resistance to Pipe loads Flanges are class 150.
  • Top CentrelineSelf Venting.

Impeller :

  • Fully Open Design   Back Pump out Vanes  Balancing Impeller Seal Ring
  • Wear  area much more than Closed Impeller Reduces Stuffing Box Pressure    For Extended Bearing life, less vibrations. Protracts  threads against Corrosion.

Stuffing Box 

  • Enlarged Bores
  • Improve lubrication and cooling of seal faces.

Bearing Frame

  • Large Oil Sump Standard Water Jacket Frame Foot Adaptor
  • Bearings run cooler and longer.Additional Cooling for Temp. Above 100deg.
  • Rigid design to reduce effects on pipe loads on pump motor Alignment For Strength and safety.

Shaft Vs diameter.     

  • Optimum overhang
  • Low deflection 0.05 mm of seal faces for longer seal and Bearing life.
  • Hook type Sleeve
  • Accommodates balanced seals


  • Optimized sizes and Configuration
  • Provided extended long life.


  • Distillation plants
  • Baking ovens
  • Polymerization plants and cooling of reaction systems
  • Bitumen tank farms
  • Roofing felt production systems
  • Heavy oil plants
  • Bottle cleaning systems
  • Starch-drying systems
  • Soap and detergent industry
  • Wood and paper industry
  • Construction, quarrying and earth industries

Capacity :  Up to 400 m3/hr.

Head :  up to 100 mtrs.